List of Best AWS monitoring tools for your AWS Infrastructure

List of Best AWS monitoring tools for your AWS Infrastructure


AWS is a powerful platform that offers a vast array of cloud-based services to businesses of all sizes, but administrating these services and keeping them functional can be a challenging task, particularly for newbies. Amazon monitoring tools and services can help you manage your cloud resources effectively and efficiently while giving you a wide range of information and insights to support in decision-making.

In this article, we’ll provide you a quick overview of AWS monitoring tools and services for maintaining the efficiency of your AWS resources.

What Is AWS Monitoring?

AWS Monitoring services refer to the process of tracking, measuring, and analyzing the performance, health, and security of your AWS resources in real-time. These services offer a variety of tools and information to assist you in managing your cloud environment successfully, making sure that your resources are constantly accessible, secure, and operating at peak efficiency.


Infrastructure, application, and security monitoring are all available through Amazon Monitoring services. By using these kinds of monitoring, you can keep tabs on the efficiency and safety of your AWS resources and make sure they are safe from potential dangers. To assist you in getting current information about your environment and making data-driven decisions, Amazon offers a variety of tools including CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail.

Why AWS Monitoring is Important

AWS monitoring is crucial for several reasons. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Ensuring uptime and performance: To reduce downtime and guarantee a great user experience, Amazon Monitoring services track the performance of your AWS resources, such as servers and databases.
  • Ensuring security and compliance: Amazon Monitoring services assist you in promptly detecting and responding to security incidents, ensuring the protection of your resources and compliance with laws.
  • Managing costs: By finding areas for resource reduction and optimizing resource utilization, Amazon Monitoring services help you identify inefficiencies and manage your AWS infrastructure, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Improving overall operations and decision-making: Amazon Monitoring services offer real-time data and insights, spotting patterns and potential problems to help you inform your overall operational strategy and produce better decisions.

What AWS Resources You Should Monitor

To effectively monitor your AWS resources, you should focus on the following key services

  • EC2 instances – These are the virtual servers that you can use to run your applications.
  • RDS databases – These are managed relational databases that provide high availability, scalability and security.
  • S3 buckets – These are simple storage services that allow you to store and retrieve data in the cloud.
  • Lambda functions – These are event-driven computing services that allow you to run code without provisioning or managing servers.
  • Other resources such as CloudFront, SQS, DynamoDB, etc.

Best AWS Monitoring Tools

Provided by AWS

AWS provides several monitoring tools that you can use to track your cloud resources. Some of the most popular ones include : –

  • CloudWatch – An observability and monitoring service that offers information and useful insights for Aws resources, applications, and services.
  • AWS CloudTrail – A service that provides governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing of your AWS account.
  • AWS Config – A service that offers a comprehensive list of your AWS resources, configuration change notifications, and configuration history.
  • Amazon GuardDuty – A service for threat detection that continuously scans your AWS accounts for harmful activities and inappropriate behaviour.
  • Amazon Inspector – An automated security evaluation service that aids in enhancing the safety and conformance of applications run on AWS.
  • AWS Health – A service that sends notifications and advice for fixing problems that can affect the availability of your Amazon resources.

Provided by Third party

Here are the list of best third-party AWS Monitoring tools. These third-party tools can provide additional features and functionality beyond what is offered by AWS Monitoring services and can be useful for organizations with specific monitoring and analytics requirements.

  • Datadog – A cloud monitoring and analytics platform that provides AWS environments proactive alerting, full-stack observability, and actionable insights.
  • New Relic – A cloud-based platform for observability that offers current data on the efficiency, cost, and security of AWS systems.
  • Splunk – A cloud-based platform for observability that offers real-time visibility and analytics across AWS environments, along with security and compliance monitoring.
  • PagerDuty – A platform for cloud-based incident management that offers on-call scheduling and real-time alerts to assist teams in responding to issues in AWS environments.
  • Sumo Logic – A platform providing real-time visibility and insights into the performance, security, and compliance of AWS environments that is cloud-native and natural to observability.
  • Dynatrace – An observability platform built inside the cloud that offers full-stack monitoring and automated intelligence for AWS systems, including monitoring of cloud infrastructure and application performance.
  • ThousandEyes – ThousandEyes employs active monitoring methods to gather essential performance metrics and provide visualizations of delivery paths between your users and AWS data centers. With ThousandEyes, AWS application monitoring feature, you can assess availability, usage, and response times, while also correlating them with intra-region, inter-region, and inter-service network packet loss and latencies. This allows you to identify performance issues within your cloud or hybrid-cloud environments and take appropriate measures.


AWS monitoring services provide you with the tools and data you need to keep your cloud resources running smoothly. You can limit downtime, cut expenses, and enhance operations overall by carefully monitoring your resources. Start using Amazon monitoring right away by following the advice in this article, and you’ll soon be able to relax knowing that your cloud resources are safe.

List of Best AWS monitoring tools for your AWS Infrastructure
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