How to create S3 bucket lifecycle policy

How to create S3 bucket lifecycle policy First, let’s take an example of an organization that stores the application logs in the S3 Standard storage class by default and they have a set of rules to access logs like: Application logs access frequently till 30 days. After 30 days logs are infrequently accessed, and after […]

How to configure cross region replication

How to configure cross region replication  Follow the steps to configure a Cross-region replication when the source and destination bucket is in the same AWS account, with an example. 1. Sign in to the AWS Console and open the Amazon S3 2. Create Two Buckets   2.1 Source bucket in Asia Pacific (ap-south-1): cloudiofy-user-data   2.2 Destination bucket […]

Amazon S3 Objects Replication

Amazon S3 Objects Replication Amazon S3 Objects Replication allows automatic, asynchronous copying of objects across Amazon S3 buckets. You may have some requirements when you need to replicate/copy S3 objects in the same AWS region OR more than one AWS region. Types of Object Replication Cross-Region replication (CRR) Same-Region replication (SRR) Cross-Region replication (CRR) Cross-region […]

Amazon S3 life cycle management

Amazon S3 life cycle management  Cost of data (Objects) storage is important to consider when making decisions to use right storage technology. Amazon S3 Lifecycle allows to configure a lifecycle for stored objects on S3, to optimize the cost. A Lifecycle configuration is a set of rules that define actions applied to a group of […]

Amazon S3 Storage Classes

What is Amazon S3 Storage Class  Amazon S3 provides different ways (storage classes) of storing the objects. S3 storage class allows you to define how your object is stored and accessed. If you don’t apply any storage class, by default S3 Standard storage class is associated with every object. To optimize the storage cost, you […]

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

What is Simple Storage Service (S3) Amazon Simple Storage Service (s3) is an object based storage. It provides a secure, fast, highly scalable, and durable platform to store any type of data.  Amazon S3 allows users to create a bucket (storage resource) to store different types of data like videos, images, files, documents, etc. Object […]

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