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How to Setup AWS Auto Scaling

How to setup AWS Auto Scaling? Objective The objective of setting this AWS auto-scaling lab is to ensure that your application can handle network traffic by automatically adjusting the number of EC2 instances that are running. AWS AutoScaling allows scale resources up or down through a pre-defined threshold, which helps you only pay for the […]

How to setup AWS application load balancer

How to setup AWS application load balancer? Objective The objective of this AWS Application Load Balancer lab is to learn how to create and configure an AWS Application Load Balancer to distribute incoming traffic across multiple EC2 instances in different availability zones. Prerequisites for this lab Steps by step guide for creating AWS application load […]

What is Auto Scaling in AWS

What is Auto Scaling in AWS? AWS  auto scaling is a great feature that provides the ability to monitor your applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost. With Auto-scaling you can scale out/in resources (servers, database, storage, etc.) automatically based on the pre-defined threshold for the metrics […]

What is scalability in cloud computing

What is scalability in cloud computing? Scalability is one of the primary attributes to keep in mind, while designing or developing your software product. It is a measure of the system’s ability to efficiently handle the users’ requests with an increase or decrease on demand. Scaling helps to manage a good balance between performance and […]

Load balancer in AWS

What is load balancing? Nowadays many applications and websites can serve millions of concurrent requests to users/clients globally. When the amount of network workload increases on an application or website, a single server may fail to support network traffic. To manage the demand of volatile network traffic efficiently, you can use a Load balancer to distribute […]

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