Cloud Computing

What is Auto Scaling in AWS

What is Auto Scaling in AWS AWS  auto scaling is a great feature that provides the ability to monitor your applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost. With Auto-scaling you can scale out/in resources (servers, database, storage, etc.) automatically based on the pre-defined threshold for the metrics […]

What is AWS shared responsibility model

What is AWS shared responsibility model The Shared Responsibility Model is a structure for cloud security that prescribes the responsibilities of cloud service providers and consumers. Cloud provider offers to consumers a range of cloud services such as computing, virtual private network, database storage, content delivery, etc. Cloud provider offers the service and consumers makes advantage […]

What is scalability in cloud computing

What is Scalability Scalability is one of the primary attributes to keep in mind, while designing or developing your software product. It is a measure of the system’s ability to efficiently handle the users’ requests with an increase or decrease on demand. Scaling helps to manage a good balance between performance and cost by Scaling […]

Types of Cloud Computing

Types Of Cloud Computing Cloud computing can be separated into two types: Deployment Model and Service Model. Deployment Model Cloud deployment models are a configuration of environment to declare how the cloud services are available to users. The deployment model can be separated by some parameters such as ownership, size of infrastructure, who can control […]

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a model to access IT resources (servers, storage, databases, networking, set of application services, etc.) as a service through internet. It allows applications and services to run on a distributed network using virtualization technology.Today almost everyone uses cloud computing such as startups, organizations, IT professionals, analysts, and individual users. For example, […]

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