S3 Objects Replication: Ensure Your Data is Always Protected

Amazon S3 Objects Replication

Amazon S3 Objects Replication allows automatic, asynchronous copying of objects across Amazon S3 buckets. You may have some requirements when you need to replicate/copy S3 objects in the same AWS region OR more than one AWS region.

S3 objects replication diagram showing data transfer from source bucket to destination bucket for increased redundancy and data resiliency.

Types of Object Replication

  • Cross-Region replication (CRR)
  • Same-Region replication (SRR)

Cross-Region replication (CRR)

Cross-region replication (CRR) allows automatic, asynchronous copying of objects across buckets in different AWS Regions.

Amazon S3 cross region replication diagram with source and destination buckets for improved data redundancy and compliance across multiple regions.
Cross-region replication use cases :

Meet compliance requirements: To satisfy organization GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance requirements might need to replicate data in the dedicated AWS region.

Minimize latency: By copying the objects to the nearest AWS Regions of your customer, can minimize the latency in accessing objects. For example, If your customers are in two geographic locations, you can replicate same objects in two different AWS Regions which is closer to your users.

Increase operational efficiency: If you have two compute resources (EC2) in two different AWS Regions which need same set of objects stored in S3 to perform some analysis, You can choose to replicate same S3 object in the compute resource (EC2) Regions to increase the performance.

Same-Region replication (SRR)

Same Region replication (SRR) allows automatic, asynchronous copying of objects within the same AWS Region.

Same-Region replication use cases:

Aggregate logs: If you need to perform some analysis of logs which is stored in multiple buckets or across multiple accounts, you can replicate logs from different buckets to one bucket within the same AWS Region.

Replication between multiple accounts: If you have two AWS accounts, for example, development and testing accounts, can share common data/objects between both accounts using same-Region replication rules.

Fulfill organization compliance: In some cases when your organization’s compliance regulations don’t allow the data to leave your country. In this case, you can replicate multiple copies of your data in the same AWS region.

Important points for setting cross-region replication:

Create two buckets one is source and another is destination buckets in different AWS regions.

Both buckets must have versioning enabled.

Objects present before cross-region replication will not be replicated.

An IAM role is required to replicate objects from the source to the destination bucket. Create a new role, automatically creates the role with the appropriate policy.

Read More – Steps to configure Cross-region replication in same AWS account.

S3 Objects Replication: Ensure Your Data is Always Protected
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